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Regex for removing Bitcoin addresses.
A Bitcoin address, or simply address, is an identifier of 26-34 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 or 3
Much thanks to whomever helps :) I think that this would also be a good addition to the common library, once someone solves it.
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This extortion email...

I redirect for moderation any email with bitcoiny stuff in the body so I usually catch all the extortion emails and just delete them without ever involving the recipient. This morning I got one that made me laugh so I thought I'd share it.
Have a good one!
Hi there
The following is not going to take a lot of your time, and so straight to the issue. I obtained a movie of you test-firing the old meat missle while at a pornweb site you are went to, thanks to a great ass program I've was able to put on a couple of sites with that kind of material.You click play and all of the webcams and a mic begin working furthermore, it will save every fucking element from your personal pc, like contact info, account details or crap such as that, think exactly where i got this e mail from?) Therefore now i know just who my goal is to deliver this to,in case you not necessarily gonna negotiate this with me.
I'll put a account address under for you to hit me 620 $ within 4 dayz maximum through bitcoin. See, it is not that huge of a total to pay, guess this tends to make me not that terrible of a person.
You are welcome to try and do whichever the shit you wish to, yet in case i will not see the amount within the time period mentioned over, well... u by now understand what will occur.
And so it is your choice now.I am not going to move through all the details and stuff, simply don't have time for this and also you probably know that internet is loaded with text letters like this, so it is also your choice to trust in this or not, there may be only a proven way to find out.
This is the bitcoin address- [redacted]
Have a good time and bear in mind that wall clock is ticking
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The bitcoin spam continues -- murder threats instead of bomb threats now

Hey all, just in case you get some suspicious email (since we seem to have caught the bomb threats first) from your users, here's a couple variants of some new bitcoin spam making the rounds. I guess I'm getting killed twice by both some crazed ex and a coworker in my office of a single person (me...). The new twist is "pay us a little to get the fake information of who ordered the hit"...?
No need to be heroic
Good day
I host a forum in the deep web, I produce all sorts of services - above all it is demolition to property and harm. Basically, all but the murder. Often main reasons are unrequited love or competition at bussiness. This week she talked me and gave me the task of splashing sourness in your visage. Standard order - fast, painfully, forever. Without too much fuss. I get receive only after doing the work. So, now I propose you pay me to be inactive, I offer this to nearly all the victims. If I do not receive money from you, then my person will fulfill the task. If you give me money, besides to my inactivity, I will give you the info that I have about the client. After finishing the mission, I always lose the performer, so I have an option, to get $1500 from you for information about the customer and my inaction, or to get $ 4000 from the customer, but with a high probability of spending the performer.
I’m getting payments in Bitcoin, here’s my bitcoin address - 1D7btp61SJSKSzCvs8TK3KjDCESFG2M1mh
The sum I indicated above.
One day to decide and pay.
Better listen to me
I run a website in the deep web, I produce all sorts of services - in the main it is demolition to property and injury. In general, all but the murder. Often main reasons are rejected love or competition at workplace. This month he contacted me and gave me the order of splashing sourness in your visage. Default practice - fast, hurts, forever. Without too much fuss. I get receive only after finishing the task. Therefore, now I offer you send money to me to be inactive, I suggest this to almost all the victims. If I do not get money from you, then my person will fulfill the task. If you transfer me money, besides to my inactivity, I will provide you the info that I have about the customer. After completing the mission, I often spend the performer, so I have a selection, to get $1900 from you for info about the customer and my inaction, or to receive $ 4000 from the customer, but with a high probability of losing the performer.
I’m getting payments in bitcoins, its my Bitcoin address - 1GDt7E5QMq46jTKrRV15CR7Fga2dBgMVa4
The amount I told above.
One day to decide and pay.
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Is Target Twitter hacked?

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Blocking sextortion email

Has anyone had any luck in creating a rule to block sextortion emails? I have been working on a rule to use RegEx to look for valid bitcoin addresses as well as at least 3 matches of a list of common sextortion keywords. The problem is that these emails use many Cyrillic characters or misspellings which it makes it very difficult to reliable detect. If anyone has a list of keywords common to sextortion emails that they would be willing to share, I would appreciate it.
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How To Create Malware With Python: Bitcoin Thief

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I built a website to encourage people to donate XLM for deploying Stellar ATMs, especially in underbanked regions. Anyone wanna beta test it?

Hello Stellar community,
How does the donation process work?
You send an XLM transaction (even a tiny amount helps) to a Stellar account public address I set up
and set it's memo-text to a latitude longitude coordinate in the form of
, (no spaces)
Donations will show up on a Google Map on the website. screenshot The Stellar Team can use the information I collect to decide where to deploy Stellar ATMs.
I've already donated some XLM to various colleges, and also 2 locations in Africa. I hope to work with the Stellar Team to donate the funds to further increase Stellar adoption and help the underbanked. :)
Do I have to donate a certain amount of XLM?
Any donation amount helps!
What happens to the funds that I donate?
They get sent to a public key address that I created myself. View the address' activity at The address balance is currently managed in a desktop software wallet, and I plan to move them to a Ledger Nano S when it comes in the mail.
How do we know that you're not just going to run off with the donated money? Are you a Stellar employee?
Great question! My name is Brent Labasan, I'm a web app developer in Seattle, and I just started learning about Stellar in December 2017 after getting into cryptocurrencies through Bitcoin and IOTA. You can check out my LinkedIn and portfolio (I just renewed my domain name, it might not be working correctly right now).
I don't have official ties to the Stellar Team or the Stellar Development Foundation. I'm just a developer who wanted to start exploring the Stellar network and protocol and see what it's capable of. To further my learning, I thought of various app ideas to make use of the network, and a web app to encourage people to donate to set up ATMs in different locations was the idea that best fit with Stellar's mission statement and goals.
I hope to work closely with the Stellar Team to directly use the donated funds to further adoption of Stellar's products.
Do you ever access my private key in any way?
Nope, not at all.
Is the website secure?
There aren't even any transactions happening on or through the website, and none of your private information ever enters the site. The site is pretty much just instructions on how to send XLM donations with attached latitude longitude coordinates, and a Google Map to display the locations of where people want ATMs to be set up. Donation transactions are done through your own software. The site's code is at, and you can inspect any JavaScript code happening in the browser.
If I send malicious code in the transaction's memo-text, is there a potential of XSS?
Well, none of your private information is entered or displayed on my site, so there's no private information of yours for a hacker to steal haha. More importantly, transactions' memo-text is validated with a latitude longitude coordinate regex before it gets inputted into the Google Map code.
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IRC Log from Ravencoin Open Developer Meeting - Aug 24, 2018

[14:05] <@wolfsokta> Hello Everybody, sorry we're a bit late getting started
[14:05] == block_338778 [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[14:06] <@wolfsokta> Here are the topics we would like to cover today • 2.0.4 Need to upgrade - What we have done to communicate to the community • Unique Assets • iOS Wallet • General Q&A
[14:06] == Chatturga changed the topic of #ravencoin-dev to: 2.0.4 Need to upgrade - What we have done to communicate to the community • Unique Assets • iOS Wallet • General Q&A
[14:06] <@wolfsokta> Daben, could you mention what we have done to communicate the need for the 2.0.4 upgrade?
[14:07] == hwhwhsushwban [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[14:07] <@wolfsokta> Others here are free to chime in where they saw the message first.
[14:07] == hwhwhsushwban [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[14:08] Whats up bois
[14:08] hi everyone
[14:08] hi hi
[14:08] <@wolfsokta> Discussing the 2.0.4 update and the need to upgrade.
[14:08] <@Chatturga> Sure. As most of you are aware, the community has been expressing concerns with the difficulty oscillations, and were asking that something be done to the difficulty retargeting. Many people submitted suggestions, and the devs decided to implement DGW.
[14:09] <@Tron> I wrote up a short description of why we're moving to a new difficulty adjustment.
[14:09] <@Chatturga> I have made posts on discord, telegram, bitcointalk, reddit, and from testnet stages through current.
[14:10] <@Chatturga> If there are any other channels that can reach a large number of community members, I would love to have more.
[14:10] <@wolfsokta> Thanks Tron, that hasn't been shared to the community at large yet, but folks feel free to share it.
[14:10] When was this decision made and by whom and how?
[14:10] <@Chatturga> I have also communicated with the pool operators and exchanges about the update. Of all of the current pools, only 2 have not yet updated versions.
[14:11] <@wolfsokta> The decision was made by the developers through ongoing requests for weeks made by the community.
[14:12] <@wolfsokta> Evidence was provided by the community of the damages that could be caused to projects when the wild swings continue.
[14:12] So was there a meeting or vote? How can people get invited
[14:12] <@Tron> It was also informed by my conversations with some miners that recommended that we make the change before the coin died. They witnessed similar oscillations from which other coins never recovered.
[14:13] only two pools left to upgrade is good, what about the exchanges? Any word on how many of those have/have not upgraded?
[14:13] <@wolfsokta> We talked about here in our last meeting Bruce_. All attendees were asked if they had any questions or concerns.
[14:13] == blondfrogs [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[14:13] == roshii [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[14:13] sup roshii long time no see
[14:14] <@Chatturga> Bittrex, Cryptopia, and IDCM have all either updated or have announced their intent to update.
[14:14] == wjcgiwgu283ik3cj [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[14:15] sup russki
[14:15] what's the status here?
[14:15] I don’t think that was at all clear from the last dev meeting
[14:15] I can’t be the only person who didn’t understand it
[14:15] <@wolfsokta> Are there any suggestions on how to communicate the need to upgrade even further? I am concerned that others might also not understand.
[14:17] I’m not sold on the benefit and don’t understand the need for a hard fork — I think it’s a bad precedent to simply go rally exchanges to support a hard fork with little to no discussion
[14:17] so just to note, the exchanges not listed as being upgraded or have announced their intention to upgrade include: qbtc, upbit, and cryptobridge (all with over $40k usd volume past 24 hours according to coinmarketcap)
[14:18] <@wolfsokta> I don't agree that there was little or no discussion at all.
[14:19] <@wolfsokta> Looking back at our meeting notes from two weeks ago "fork" was specifically asked about by BrianMCT.
[14:19] If individual devs have the power to simple decide to do something as drastic as a hard fork and can get exchanges and miners to do it that’s got a lot of issues with centralization
[14:19] <@wolfsokta> It had been implemented on testnet by then and discussed in the community for several weeks before that.
[14:19] == under [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[14:19] howdy
[14:19] Everything I’ve seen has been related to the asset layer
[14:19] I have to agree with Bruce_, though I wasn't able to join the last meeting here. That said I support the fork
[14:20] Which devs made this decision to do a fork and how was it communicated?
[14:20] well mostly the community made the decision
[14:20] Consensus on a change is the heart of bitcoin development and I believe the devs have done a great job building that consensus
[14:20] a lot of miners were in uproar about the situation
[14:20] <@wolfsokta> All of the devs were supporting the changes. It wasn't done in isolation at all.
[14:21] This topic has been a huge discussion point within the RVN mining community for quite some time
[14:21] the community and miners have been having issues with the way diff is adjusted for quite some time now
[14:21] Sure I’m well aware of that -
[14:21] Not sold on the benefits of having difficulty crippled by rented hashpower?
[14:21] The community saw a problem. The devs got together and talked about a solution and implemented a solution
[14:21] I’m active in the community
[14:22] So well aware of the discussions on DGW etc
[14:22] Hard fork as a solution to a problem community had with rented hashpower (nicehash!!) sounds like the perfect decentralized scenario!
[14:23] hard forks are very dangerous
[14:23] mining parties in difficulty drops are too
[14:23] <@wolfsokta> Agreed, we want to keep them to an absolute minimum.
[14:23] But miners motivation it’s the main vote
[14:24] What would it take to convince you that constantly going from 4 Th/s to 500 Gh/s every week is worse for the long term health of the coin than the risk of a hard fork to fix it?
[14:24] == Tron [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[14:24] This hardfork does include the asset layer right? if so why is it being delayed in implementation?
[14:24] <@wolfsokta> Come back Tron!
[14:24] coudl it have been implement through bip9 voting?
[14:24] also hard fork is activated by the community! that's a vote thing!
[14:24] @mrsushi to give people time to upgrade their wallet
[14:25] @under, it would be much hard to keep consensus with a bip9 change
[14:25] <@wolfsokta> We investigated that closely Under.
[14:25] == Tron [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[14:25] <@wolfsokta> See Tron's post for more details about that.
[14:25] <@spyder_> Hi Tron
[14:25] <@wolfsokta>
[14:25] Sorry about that. Computer went to sleep.
[14:26] I'm wrong
[14:26] 2 cents. the release deadline of october 31st puts a bit of strain on getting code shipped. (duh). but fixing daa was important to the current health of the coin, and was widely suppported by current mining majority commuity. could it have been implemented in a different manner? yes . if we didnt have deadlines
[14:27] == wjcgiwgu283ik3cj [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[14:27] sushi this fork does not include assets. it's not being delayed though, we're making great progress for an Oct 31 target
[14:28] I don’t see the urgency but my vote doesn’t matter since my hash power is still CPUs
[14:28] <@wolfsokta> We're seeing the community get behind the change as well based on the amount of people jumping back in to mine through this last high difficulty phase.
[14:28] So that will be another hardfork?
[14:28] the fork does include the asset code though set to activate on oct 30th
[14:28] yes
[14:29] <@wolfsokta> Yes, it will based on the upgrade voting through the BIP9 process.
[14:29] I wanted to ask about burn rates from this group: and make a proposal.
[14:29] we're also trying hard to make it the last for awhile
[14:29] Can you clear up the above — there will be this one and another hard fork?
[14:29] <@wolfsokta> Okay, we could discuss that under towards the end of the meeting.
[14:30] If this one has the asset layer is there something different set for October
[14:30] <@wolfsokta> Yes, there will be another hard fork on October 31st once the voting process is successful.
[14:31] <@wolfsokta> The code is in 2.0.4 now and assets are active on testnet
[14:31] Bruce, the assets layer is still being worked on. Assets is active on mainnet. So in Oct 31 voting will start. and if it passes, the chain will fork.
[14:31] this one does NOT include assets for mainnet Bruce -- assets are targeted for Oct 31
[14:31] not***
[14:31] not active****
[14:31] correct me if I'm wrong here, but if everyone upgrades to 2.0.4 for this fork this week, the vote will automatically pass on oct 31st correct? nothing else needs to be done
[14:31] Will if need another download or does this software download cover both forks?
[14:31] <@wolfsokta> Correct Urgo
[14:32] thats how the testnet got activated and this one shows "asset activation status: waiting until 10/30/2018 20:00 (ET)"
[14:32] Will require another upgrade before Oct 31
[14:32] thank you for the clarification wolfsokta
[14:32] <@wolfsokta> It covers both forks, but we might have additional bug fixes in later releases.
[14:32] So users DL one version now and another one around October 30 which activates after that basically?
[14:33] I understand that, but I just wanted to make it clear that if people upgrade to this version for this fork and then don't do anything, they are also voting for the fork on oct 31st
[14:33] Oh okay — one DL?
[14:33] Bruce, Yes.
[14:33] Ty
[14:33] well there is the issue that there maybe some further consensus bugs dealing with the pruneability of asset transactions that needs to be corrected between 2.0.4 and mainnet. so i would imagine that there will be further revisions required to upgrade before now and october 31
[14:33] @under that is correct.
[14:34] I would highly recommend bumping the semver up to 3.0.0 for the final pre 31st release so that the public know to definitely upgrade
[14:34] @under +1
[14:35] out of curiosity, have there been many bugs found with the assets from the version released in july for testnet (2.0.3) until this version? or is it solely a change to DGW?
[14:35] <@wolfsokta> That's not a bad idea under.
[14:35] <@spyder_> @under good idea
[14:35] @urgo. Bugs are being found and fixed daily.
[14:35] Any time the protocol needs to change, there would need to be a hard fork (aka upgrade). It is our hope that we can activate feature forks through the BIP process (as we are doing for assets). Mining pools and exchanges will need to be on the newest software at the point of asset activation - should the mining hash power vote for assets.
[14:35] blondfrogs: gotcha
[14:35] There have been bugs found (and fixed). Testing continues. We appreciate all the bug reports you can give us.
[14:36] <@wolfsokta> Yes! Thank you all for your help in the community.
[14:37] (pull requests with fixes and test coverage would be even better!)
[14:37] asset creation collision is another major issue. current unfair advantage or nodes that fore connect to mining pools will have network topologies that guarantee acceptance. I had discussed the possibility of fee based asset creation selection and i feel that would be a more equal playing ground for all users
[14:38] *of nodes that force
[14:38] <@wolfsokta> What cfox said, we will always welcome development help.
[14:38] So just to make sure everyone know. When assets is ready to go live on oct 31st. Everyone that wants to be on the assets chain without any problems will have to download the new binary.
[14:39] <@wolfsokta> The latest binary.
[14:39] under: already in the works
[14:39] excellent to hear
[14:39] == UserJonPizza [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[14:39] <@wolfsokta> Okay, we've spent a bunch of time on that topic and I think it was needed. Does anybody have any other suggestions on how to get the word out even more?
[14:40] maybe preface all 2.0.X releases as pre-releases... minimize the number of releases between now and 3.0 etc
[14:41] <@wolfsokta> Bruce_ let's discuss further offline.
[14:41] wolfsokta: which are the remaining two pools that need to be upgraded? I've identified qbtc, upbit, and cryptobridge as high volume exchanges that haven't said they were going to do it yet
[14:41] so people can help reach out to them
[14:41] f2pool is notoriously hard to contact
[14:41] are they on board?
[14:42] <@wolfsokta> We could use help reaching out to QBTC and Graviex
[14:42] I can try to contact CB if you want?
[14:42] <@Chatturga> The remaining pools are Ravenminer and PickAxePro.
[14:42] <@Chatturga> I have spoken with their operators, the update just hasnt been applied yet.
[14:42] ravenminer is one of the largest ones too. If they don't upgrade that will be a problem
[14:42] okay good news
[14:42] (PickAxePro sounds like a Ruby book)
[14:43] I strongly feel like getting the word out on would be beneficial
[14:44] that site is sorely in need of active contribution
[14:44] Anyone can volunteer to contribute
[14:44] <@wolfsokta> Okay, cfox can you talk about the status of unique assets?
[14:44] sure
[14:45] <@wolfsokta> I'll add website to the end of our topics.
[14:45] code is in review and will be on the development branch shortly
[14:45] would it make sense to have a page on the wiki (or somewhere else) that lists the wallet versions run by pools & exchanges?
[14:45] will be in next release
[14:45] furthermore, many sites have friendly link to the standard installers for each platform, if the site linked to the primary installers for each platform to reduce github newb confusion that would be good as well
[14:46] likely to a testnetv5 although that isn't settled
[14:46] <@wolfsokta> Thanks cfox.
[14:46] <@wolfsokta> Are there any questions about unique assets, and how they work?
[14:47] after the # are there any charachters you cant use?
[14:47] will unique assets be constrained by the asset alphanumeric set?
[14:47] ^
[14:47] <@Chatturga> @Urgo there is a page that tracks and shows if they have updated, but it currently doesnt show the actual version that they are on.
[14:47] a-z A-Z 0-9
[14:47] <@Chatturga>
[14:47] There are a few. Mostly ones that mess with command-line
[14:47] you'll be able to use rpc to do "issueunique MATRIX ['Neo','Tank','Tank Brother']" and it will create three assets for you (MATRIX#Neo, etc.)
[14:47] @cfox - No space
[14:48] @under the unique tags have an expanded set of characters allowed
[14:48] Chatturga: thank you
[14:48] @UJP yes there are some you can't use -- I'll try to post gimmie a sec..
[14:49] Ok. Thank you much!
[14:49] 36^36 assets possible and 62^62 uniques available per asset?
[14:49] <@spyder_> std::regex UNIQUE_TAG_CHARACTERS("^[[email protected]$%&*()[\\]{}<>_.;?\\\\:]+$");
[14:50] regex UNIQUE_TAG_CHARACTERS("^[[email protected]$%&*()[\\]{}<>_.;?\\\\:]+$")
[14:50] oh thanks Mark
[14:51] <@wolfsokta> Okay, next up. I want to thank everybody for helping test the iOS wallet release.
[14:51] <@wolfsokta> We are working with Apple to get the final approval to post it to the App Store
[14:51] @under max asset length is 30, including unique tag
[14:51] Does the RVN wallet have any other cryptos or just RVN?
[14:52] == BruceFenton [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[14:52] will the android and ios source be migrated to the ravenproject github?
[14:52] I've been adding beta test users. I've added about 80 new users in the last few days.
[14:52] <@wolfsokta> Just RVN, and we want to focus on adding the asset support to the wallet.
[14:53] == Bruce_ [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[14:53] <@wolfsokta> Yes, the code will also be freely available on GitHub for both iOS and Android. Thank you Roshii!
[14:53] Would you consider the iOS wallet to be a more secure place for one's holdings than say, a Mac connected to the internet?
[14:53] will there be a chance of a more user freindly wallet with better graphics like the iOS on PC?
[14:53] the android wallet is getting updated for DGW, correct?
[14:53] <@wolfsokta> That has come up in our discussion Pizza.
[14:54] QT framework is pretty well baked in and is cross platform. if we get some qt gurus possibly
[14:54] Phones are pretty good because the wallet we forked uses the TPM from modern phones.
[14:54] Most important is to write down and safely store your 12 word seed.
[14:54] TPM?
[14:54] <@wolfsokta> A user friendly wallet is one of our main goals.
[14:55] TPM == Trusted Platform Module
[14:55] Ahhh thanks
[14:55] just please no electron apps. they are full of security holes
[14:55] <@spyder_> It is whats makes your stuffs secure
[14:55] not fit for crypto
[14:55] under: depends on who makes it
[14:55] The interface screenshots I've seen look like Bread/Loaf wallet ... I assume that's what was forked from
[14:55] ;)
[14:56] <@wolfsokta> @roshii did you see the question about the Android wallet and DGW?
[14:56] Yes, it was a fork of breadwallet. We like their security.
[14:56] chromium 58 is the last bundled electron engine and has every vuln documented online by google. so unless you patch every vuln.... methinks not
[14:56] Agreed, great choice
[14:57] <@wolfsokta> @Under, what was your proposal?
[14:58] All asset creation Transactions have a mandatory OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY of 1 year(or some agreed upon time interval), and the 500 RVN goes to a multisig devfund, run by a custodial group. We get: 1) an artificial temporary burn, 2) sustainable community and core development funding for the long term, after OSTK/Medici 3) and the reintroduction of RVN supply at a fixed schedule, enabling the removal of the 42k max cap of total As
[14:58] *im wrong on the 42k figure
[14:58] <@wolfsokta> Interesting...
[14:59] <@wolfsokta> Love to hear others thoughts.
[14:59] Update: I posted a message on the CryptoBridge discord and one of their support members @stepollo#6276 said he believes the coin team is already aware of the fork but he would forward the message about the fork over to them right now anyway
[14:59] Ifs 42 million assets
[14:59] yep.
[15:00] I have a different Idea. If the 500 RVN goes to a dev fund its more centralized. The 500 RVN should go back into the unmined coins so miners can stay for longer.
[15:01] *without a hardfork
[15:01] <@wolfsokta> lol
[15:01] that breaks halving schedule, since utxos cant return to an unmined state.
[15:01] @UJP back into coinbase is interesting. would have to think about how that effects distribution schedule, etc.
[15:01] only way to do that would be to dynamicaly grow max supply
[15:02] and i am concerned already about the max safe integer on various platforms at 21 billion
[15:02] js chokes on ravencoin already
[15:02] <@wolfsokta> Other thoughts on Under's proposal? JS isn't a real language. ;)
[15:02] Well Bitcoin has more than 21 bn Sats
[15:02] Is there somebody who wants to volunteer to fix js.
[15:02] hahaha
[15:03] I honestly would hate for the coins to go to a dev fund. It doesn't seem like Ravencoin to me.
[15:03] Yep, but we're 21 billion x 100,000,000 -- Fits fine in a 64-bit integer, but problematic for some languages.
[15:03] <@wolfsokta> Thanks UJP
[15:04] <@wolfsokta> We're past time but I would like to continue if you folks are up for it.
[15:04] Yeah no coins can go anywhere centrality contorted like a dev fund cause that would mean someone has to run it and the code can’t decide that so it’s destined to break
[15:05] currently and long term with out the financial backing of development then improvements and features will be difficult. we are certainly thankful for our current development model. but if a skunkworks project hits a particular baseline of profitability any reasonable company would terminate it
[15:05] Yes let’s contibue for sure
[15:05] the alternative to a dev fund in my mind would be timelocking those funds back to the issuers change address
[15:06] But we can’t have dev built in to the code — it has to be open source like Bitcoin and monero and Litecoin - it’s got drawbacks but way more advantages- it’s the best model
[15:06] Dev funding
[15:06] i highly reccommend not reducing the utility of raven by removing permanently the supply
[15:07] == BW_ [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[15:07] timelocking those funds accompllishes the same sacrifice
[15:07] @under timelocking is interesting too
[15:07] How exactly does timelocking work?
[15:07] <@wolfsokta> ^
[15:07] I mean you could change the price of assets with the Block reward halfing.
[15:07] == Roshiix [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[15:08] funds cant be spent from an address until a certain time passes
[15:08] but in a what magical fairy land do people continue to work for free forever. funding development is a real issue... as much as some might philosphically disagree. its a reality
[15:08] You’d still need a centralized party to decide how to distribute the funds
[15:08] even unofficially blockstream supports bitcoin devs
[15:08] on chain is more transparent imho
[15:09] == Tron_ [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[15:09] @UJP yes there are unlimited strategies. one factor that I think is v important is giving application developers a way to easily budget for projects which leads to flat fees
[15:09] If the project is a success like many of believe it will be, I believe plenty of people will gladly done to a dev fund. I don't think the 500 should be burned.
[15:09] *donate
[15:09] centralized conservatorship, directed by community voting process
[15:10] == Tron [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[15:10] <@wolfsokta> Thanks Under, that's an interesting idea that we should continue to discuss in the community. You also mentioned the existing website.
[15:10] It would need to be something where everyone with a QT has a vote
[15:10] think his computer went to sleep again :-/
[15:10] I agree UJP
[15:10] with the website
[15:10] No that’s ico jargon — any development fund tied to code would have to be centralized and would therefor fail
[15:11] ^
[15:11] ^
[15:11] ^
[15:11] dashes model for funding seems to be pretty decentralized
[15:11] community voting etc
[15:11] Once you have a dev fund tied to code then who gets to run it? Who mediates disputes?
[15:11] oh well another discussion
[15:11] Dash has a CEO
[15:12] <@wolfsokta> Yeah, let's keep discussing in the community spaces.
[15:12] Dash does have a good model. It's in my top ten.
[15:12] having the burn go to a dev fund is absolute garbage
[15:12] These dev chats should be more target than broad general discussions — changing the entire nature of the coin and it’s economics is best discussed in the RIPs or other means
[15:13] <@wolfsokta> Yup, let's move on.
[15:13] just becuase existing implementation are garbage doesnt mean that all possible future governance options are garbage
[15:13] <@wolfsokta> To discussing the website scenario mentioned by under.
[15:13] the website needs work. would be best if it could be migrated to github as well.
[15:13] What about this: Anyone can issue a vote once the voting feature has been added, for a cost. The vote would be what the coins could be used for.
[15:14] features for the site that need work are more user friendly links to binaries
[15:14] <@wolfsokta> We investigated how bitcoin has their website in Github to make it easy for contributors to jump in.
[15:14] that means active maintenance of the site instead of its current static nature
[15:15] <@wolfsokta> I really like how it's static html, which makes it super simple to host/make changes.
[15:15] the static nature isn’t due to interface it’s due to no contributors
[15:15] no contribution mechanism has been offered
[15:15] github hosted would allow that
[15:16] We used to run the Bitcoin website from the foundation & the GitHub integration seemed to cause some issues
[15:16] its doesnt necessarily have to be hosted by github but the page source should be on github and contributions could easily be managed and tracked
[15:17] for example when a new release is dropped, the ability for the downlaods section to have platform specific easy links to the general installers is far better for general adoption than pointing users to github releases
[15:18] <@wolfsokta> How do people currently contribute to the existing website?
[15:18] they dont?
[15:18] We did that and it was a complete pain to host and keep working — if someone wants to volunteer to do that work hey can surely make the website better and continually updated — but they could do that in Wordpress also
[15:19] I’d say keep an eye out for volunteers and maybe we can get a group together who can improve the site
[15:19] == digitalvap0r-xmr [[email protected]/web/cgi-irc/] has joined #ravencoin-dev
[15:19] And they can decide best method
[15:20] I host the source for the explorer on github and anyone can spin it up instantly on a basic aws node. changes can be made to interface etc, and allow for multilingual translations which have been offered by some community members
[15:20] there are models that work. just saying it should be looked at
[15:20] i gotta run thank you all for your contributions
[15:20] <@wolfsokta> I feel we should explore the source for the website being hosted in GitHub and discuss in our next dev meeting.
[15:21] <@Chatturga> Thanks Under!
[15:21] == under [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[15:21] <@wolfsokta> Thanks, we also need to drop soon.
[15:21] There is no official site so why care. Someone will do better than the next if RVN is worth it anyway. That's already the case.
[15:21] <@wolfsokta> Let's do 10 mins of open Q&A
[15:22] <@wolfsokta> Go...
[15:23] <@Chatturga> Beuller?
[15:24] No questions ... just a comment that the devs and community are great and I'm happy to be a part of it
[15:24] I think everyone moved to discord. I'll throw this out there. How confident is the dev team that things will be ready for oct 31st?
[15:24] <@wolfsokta> Alright! Thanks everybody for joining us today. Let's plan to get back together as a dev group in a couple of weeks.
[15:25] thanks block!
[15:25] <@wolfsokta> Urgo, very confident
[15:25] Please exclude trolls from discord who havent read the whitepaper
[15:25] great :)
[15:25] "things" will be ready..
[15:25] Next time on discord right?
[15:25] woah why discord?
[15:25] some of the suggestions here are horrid
[15:25] this is better less point
[15:25] == blondfrogs [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[15:25] Assets are working well on testnet. Plan is to get as much as we can safely test by Sept 30 -- this includes dev contributions. Oct will be heavy testing and making sure it is safe.
[15:26] people
[15:26] <@wolfsokta> Planning on same time, same IRC channel.
[15:26] == BW_ [[email protected]/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[15:26] @xmr any in particular?
[15:27] (or is "here" discord?)
[15:27] Cheers - Tron
[15:27] "Cheers - Tron" - Tron
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CashAddr help

How can i ask bitcoin-qt (BitcoinABC, specifically) to give me a new address in cashaddr format?
also, has anyone a regex better than
for basic format validation
edit1: i understand there's a lot more to checking the address. i want a regex for syntax only at this point.
edit2: also a uri question
submitted by jkister to btc [link] [comments]

[How-To] Automate Crypto Transfers from one Coinbase Account to another

This write-up can also be found here
Not sure if anyone else will find this useful, but I'd like to share just in case. If anyone has more than one Coinbase (hereby referred to as CB) account you may get annoyed at having to log in & out of one account in order to transfer funds. My situation is I needed to create a second CB account based on my gmail email for some android games that give free crypto. The games unfortunately require a gmail-based CB account. So, I created my second account with my gmail, but I soon found out how much of a nuisance this was. Every time I withdraw funds from the games I had to
  1. Log out of my main CB account
  2. Log into my gmail CB account
  3. Proceed to transfer funds to my main CB account
  4. Log back out of my gmail CB account
  5. Log back into my main cb account.
This very tedious process led me to search for ways of automating it. At first I attempted to add the CB's OAuth api to AutoWeb, but since OAuth has forever eluded my understanding I sought alternatives. My python knowledge to the rescue!
TLDR of below: Pip installed coinbase module, modified one of the core files prior to copying over the modified module into eventghost's python site-packages directory, created a python script action to transfer all funds automatically when triggered by AutoRemote command.
  1. Create an api key ON THE SENDING ACCOUNT (link to api settings)
  2. Copy down the api_key & api_secret (we'll need this later)
  3. pip install coinbase
  4. Navigate to your python installation's site-packages (Mine is C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages)
  5. From that directory, copy the following folders:
    • coinbase
    • chardet
    • idna
    • OpenSSL
    • requests
  6. Paste them into a new folder. I created mine in my Downloads directory (C:\Users\mhill\Downloads\TempArea)
  7. Once in the Downloads folder, Navigate to the coinbase>wallet folder, right click on the file & select Edit with Notepad++ (or whatever text editor you use)
  8. Change the following line in the file VERIFY_SSL = True => VERIFY_SSL = False
  9. Save Changes to the file.
  10. Open another File Explorer window, navigate to the EventGhost directory and find the site-packages folder (Mine is C:\Program Files (x86)\EventGhost\lib27\site-packages). NOTE: Make sure you go into the lib27 folder.
  11. Copy/paste all 5 of the folders you have in your TempArea directory.
  12. Restart EventGhost if you had it open.
  13. Create a new macro > Add Event > Enter AutoRemote.Message.{YourCommandHere} (I used AutoRemote.Message.Coinbase).
  14. Create a Python Script Action with the following code (Replace {apiKey}, {apiSecret} & {YourMainAccountEmail})
    from coinbase.wallet.client import Client import json api_key = '{apiKey}' api_secret = '{apiSecret}' client = Client(api_key, api_secret) accounts = client.get_accounts()['data'] for account in accounts: sending_currency = account['currency'] if float(account['balance']['amount']) > 0: #Send to other account sending_account = client.get_account(account['id']) sending_amount = account['balance']['amount'] print 'sending %s %s' % (sending_amount, sending_currency) sending_account.send_money(to='{YourMainAccountEmail}', amount=sending_amount, currency=sending_currency) 
  15. Now that EventGhost is all set up, create a New Profile in Tasker using AutoNotification Intercept as the Trigger. Use the following characteristics:
    • Event Behaviour: true
    • Notification Apps: Gmail
    • Notification Text: just sent you .+ (BTC|ETH|BCH|LTC) (regex)
  16. Add a single AutoRemote Message Action to the profile:
    • Recipient: (Your AutoRemote Address for either the Eventghost AutoRemote Plugin OR your Google Chrome AutoRemote Plugin). If you sending to your Google Chrome AutoRemote Plugin make sure that the option "Forward all commands/messages to EventGhost" is checked in the Plugin's Settings.
    • Message: Whatever command you put as {YourCommandHere} in AutoRemote.Message.{YourCommandHere}
And that's it! Now, whenever you receive crypto on your gmail CB account tasker, AutoRemote & Eventghost will automatically transfer all crypto to your main CB account!
And in case anyone is wondering which apps I use to get free crypto on android. They are the following apps:
All 3 of these apps payout instantly directly to a gmail coinbase account, with no minimum withdraw limits.
submitted by caffeinatedmike to tasker [link] [comments]

[Hiring] Write regexs to find addresses and keys for the 30 30 crypto currencies

Hello, I need regexs for addresses, keys and if they exist for that crypto currency, master private and public keys.
Bitcoin address \b[13][a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z0-9]{33}\b 1MKVGqyJA9YkVRuDsGCvnYVJ6ivNtfe289
Bitcoin XPUB key (master public key for HD wallets) \b(xpub)[a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{107,107}\b xpub661MyMwAqRbcF3n3Sg6dL7C29vTi8prxevmhoDLLR6VJTetHp3rKGDQFzNSvVBZ2oxkepHnu1TEWx1hiLjEvJ3rS3bRQQapr1BSyBzzz5JE Ethereum address \b0x?[0-9a-f]{40}\b 0x0dE0BCb0703ff8F1aEb8C892eDbE692683bD8030
The list should include at least 2 examples for each category so I can check it. It should be one example with the data to be found in the middle of a phrase and the other on a new line.
If you can do it, please tell me your price and time it would take.
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YSK There is a way to generate a custom bitcoin address using your graphics card and a single tool for Windows and Linux!

Welcome all new and some veteran bitcoin users!
I was just trying to get back into the bitcoin market putting more thought into BTC as a currency this afternoon and so I thought what better way to get back into the game than to make my own personalized bitcoin address that makes it a bit nicemore professional to give out to other people.
After 20 minutes of searching for 1Adrian at the start, I had my own bitcoin address: 1AdrianHNTT9UqWoZDLVijS6BLPm6TrjQy
What is it? To those who do not know about this process, the term is called a Vanity Address and the process is quite simple, you tell your computer to generate lots of addresses (I was doing 30 million addresses per second with a GTX 680) until it finds one that starts with or contains the term/regex you want.
Why do I want one? Because it is much more personal and professional than a regular bitcoin wallet address. Great to hand out to friends and excellent to add to your company's purchase page to give users a sense of professionalism when buying with a fairly new currency.
Who can use it? The vanitygen tool can be run on Windows or compiled for Linux and OSX and works with all Intel and AMD CPUs and any GPU with OpenCL support.
How do I run it? On Windows? It is very simple to run on Windows by just extracting the contents of the zip folder and browsing to it using command prompt (Hold shift while right clicking a blank spot within the folder and choose the option "Open command window here") From there you run the command "oclvanitygen.exe 1Pattern" or "vanitygen.exe 1Pattern" depending if you want to use your GPU or CPU respectively, replacing Pattern with the term you want. If you would like to use a regex run the exe file with no arguments and it will show additional options.
More information about vanitygen can be found here!
Thanks for reading! This tool is not my own software, but it has been vetted for security flaws by many security professionals.
submitted by DarkRyoushii to Bitcoin [link] [comments]

How to setup a Dogecoin Vanity Address!

Vanity addresses are ones where you can choose what characters appear somewhere in the address. For example, DPie5ucpypDTUsgquc3ea2Meg6TwpW6mW1. All Doge addresses must start with D (capital) and the second character must be a capital if it is a letter (not all letters accepted, for example I O Y W are not allowed as the second character). You can also create letters or words at the end or even beginning of the address such as:
Letters that I have found valid as second characters are: 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G H J K L M N P Q R S T U
For MultiDoge, see here
<3 pie
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Regex and validating cryptocurrency addresses

Hey guys,
I am running into some issues with validating crypto currency addresses with regex.
what I need to write is a function where you input an address, specifically ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC, DASH, Siacoin, and XMR. And through the regex check with the address it will tell what coin it is.
my issue is the regex that I would use for validating a bitcoin address, also will be true for a bitcoin cash address, so I am a tad confused.
Anyone have any ideas?
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[Hiring] Write regexs to find addresses and keys for the 30 30 crypto currencies

Hello, I need regexs for addresses, keys and if they exist for that crypto currency, master private and public keys.
Bitcoin address \b[13][a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z0-9]{33}\b 1MKVGqyJA9YkVRuDsGCvnYVJ6ivNtfe289
Bitcoin XPUB key (master public key for HD wallets) \b(xpub)[a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{107,107}\b xpub661MyMwAqRbcF3n3Sg6dL7C29vTi8prxevmhoDLLR6VJTetHp3rKGDQFzNSvVBZ2oxkepHnu1TEWx1hiLjEvJ3rS3bRQQapr1BSyBzzz5JE Ethereum address \b0x?[0-9a-f]{40}\b 0x0dE0BCb0703ff8F1aEb8C892eDbE692683bD8030
The list should include at least 2 examples for each category so I can check it. It should be one example with the data to be found in the middle of a phrase and the other on a new line.
If you can do it, please tell me your price and time it would take.
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Bitcoin - Learn how to receive, send & store your Bitcoin How to make a Bitcoin Wallet - YouTube How to Mine Bitcoins Using Your Own Computer - YouTube Bitcoin Hacking Stealer 2020 - DSM HACKERS Blockchain Hack Get 0 2 Bitcoin Per Day For Free - YouTube

regex for bitcoin address match bitcoint addresses. gm copy hide matches. A bitcoin address is the address string which identifies a bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet. embed code The unique identifier which serves as the virtual location of cryptocurrency. The Bitcoin address is an ... The problems in your regex are: You don't have a $ at the end, so it'd match any string beginning with a BC address. You didn't count the first character in your {27,34} - that should be {26,33} However, as mentioned in a comment, a regex is not a good way to validate a bitcoin address. Grep bitcoin address with regexp. Ask Question Asked 1 year, 6 months ago. Active 1 year, 2 months ago. Viewed 571 times 1. I'm trying to find bitcoin adresses with grep, but without luck. What the problem? The main command is . grep -R --regexp="^[13][a-km-zA-HJ-NP-Z1-9]{25,34}$" regex linux unix grep. share improve this question. asked Aug 24 '18 at 8:32. JaneFarrow JaneFarrow. 91 8 8 ... Note that private keys for compressed and uncompressed bitcoin public keys use the same version byte. The reason for the compressed form starting with a different character is because a 0x01 byte is appended to the private key before base58 encoding. The following table shows the leading symbol(s) and address length(s) for 160 bit hashes for each of the possible decimal version values: Decimal ... bitcoin-address-soft-regex-validation. Performs a soft (syntactically-only) validation of Bitcoin address (both Base58 and Bech32, both Mainnet and Testnet). It takes for granted that you have a stronger (maybe server side) Checksum validation.

[index] [11263] [27646] [45396] [14502] [38936] [3939] [1989] [43927] [35839] [48348]

Bitcoin - Learn how to receive, send & store your Bitcoin

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Bitcoin Address Unlike our regular banking transactions, bitcoin is decentralized and there is no central authority to keep a track of your transaction and balance. Our bitcoin balance is stored ... How to generate an Artist/Gallery bitcoin address when registering with ArtChain.Info uses the Bitcoin Blockchain to authenticate art by proving chain-of-ownership. Bitcoin wallets are very similar to regular, everyday wallets. Used to carry cash, car... link - bitcoin key generator bitcoin keywords bitcoin keyboard symbol bitcoin key levels bitcoin key support levels bitcoin keyc...