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Have an Opinion on Bitcoin ETF? Tell the SEC!!

If you want to skip the inspirational call to arms, and just want to know how to easily contact the SEC with your opinion, scroll down.
This subReddit's subscribers, and our friends at bitcoinmarkets represent the world's greatest think tank on all matters Bitcoin. We have varied opinions, but our collective research, discussions, and ideals are unparalleled.
Almost everyone here has an opinion on the bitcoin ETFs coming up for SEC approval or denial. No one's opinion is correct, but everyone's opinion should be heard.
I've worked with state and federal regulators in various agencies. They're real people. Yes, they are hooked. No, public comments don't sway a foregone conclusion the other way. But SEC staff members review and summarize the comments for the Commissioners. Who knows which great idea - already published on Reddit - might slightly change the viewpoint of a Commissioner, if published as an SEC public comment?
Submitting a public comment to the SEC is somewhat like voting in a national election. You know full well that your vote is not going to change the outcome, but not voting is apathetic, and makes it pointless to complain about the results if you didn't at least try. We can still complain; we only have a few days (hours) to 'vote.'
Public comments are the voice we're given in influencing an SEC decision.*. So use it.
The SEC doesn't read Reddit to form its opinions.. At least there's a chance that a staff member on the SEC may read some of the public comments and mention one or two to a Commissoner. If the 200,000 subscribers to this sub constitute the Bitcoin brain trust, let's speak our minds to someone who truly has a say in BTC's future..
It takes just a few minutes and you might make a 0.1% difference. Why not? Submit a public comment, rather than limiting your thoughts to this sub.
OK, stop ranting already. How do I post a public comment with the SEC?
[1] You can post on the SEC website directly: Go to, scroll down to the Winklevoss proposal; (22nd item from top, or do word search on page), and click the red Submit Comments link on SR-BatsBZX.... at the bottom of that paragraph... and express yourself.
[2] You can also email a comment
You can send text in an email, or an email with a Word/PDF attachment to [email protected]. Make sure your re: line says 'Public Comment on Proposed Rule SR-BatsBZX-2016-30."
Look at some existing submissions to get an idea of how to address the letter, even if it's an online post or email. Maybe start with:

Hon. Michael S. Piwowar, Acting Chairman
Hon. Kara M. Stein, Commissioner
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
100 F Street, NE
Washington, DC 20549

Re: File No. SR-BatsBZX-2016-30
Dear Commissioners Piwowar and Stein,

And then, pro or con, speak your mind!
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